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This is Thee Ancient Aliens autobiography. Everything you know is wrong. We're here to play you some music
while you ponder everything that needs to be pondered in your worlds. My name is Stone Catcherye, his name is
Roger Berkowitz. He's not related to any serial killers, I'm not a spin off of a good book.

We celebrate music, in every form, true to itself. Roger plays a multitude of instruments that I've never heard of
or imagined. If he can't find an instrument to play, he will build one, as he's done with things like his "sitar-guitar"
or his "infinity-harp"; Roger's very prolific on the everyday instruments as well, including but not limited to the drums,
electric guitar and bass guitar. Under his moniker "Unearth Noise" - he creates beautiful soundscapes and incredible
feelings with said instruments and skills. His influences are vast and many.

I, like Roger, am also a multi-instrumentalist. I tinker with the drums, bass, guitar, and piano. I sing for the band,
mostly, but sometimes will throw down if need be. My influences are vast in different directions, adding to
our unique sound.

We met by chance, entering a contest to win a free cd from Chris Shinn. We both won, tied even. Soon after I
asked him if he would mind if I tried putting some vocals on one of his songs and he let me. Since that day in the
spring of 2012 (the end of the world) - we've written over 100 songs and recorded well over 120 songs and have
done so without even stepping in the same room as each other. We use email to communicate. We record our
sounds in our own recording labs. We send them back and forth.

After a year of never meeting face to face, we decided to meet up in Woodstock, NY. While most would associate
the area with the original hippie music festival, we would associate the area with peace, love and the site of
one of the best Melon performaces ever. I may have forgot to mention, we're both giant Blind Melon fans.

*Ammendment: our first album was released on October 31, 2013. It is titled "Soma" and is avilable in limited
physical copies and digital downloads.

**Amendment 2: our second album was released on December 13, 2014. It is titled "Ortomn" and is
available in digital format only.

***Amendment 3: our third album was released on November 8, 2016. It is titled "High Office" and is
available in digital format only.

****Amendment 4: our fourth album was released on May 1, 2018. It is titled "Hyrsz" and is
available in digital format only.

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